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This is a special page for our KuneKune pigs!  We have a sister name for our KuneKune farm registered with the AKKPS (American KuneKune Pig  Society) called "The Pig Trail KuneKune's"  and we will have a sister website up soon!
The average height is 24 inches and they can weigh up to 350 lbs. naturally Intact boars will weigh much more than sows and barrows.
The KuneKune Pig breed was once near certain extinction. These delightful pigs were only found near the Maori Islands of New Zealand. They were kept by the Maori people and were allowed to roam around their villages.

The origin of the breed is somewhat uncertain, as there is a lack of documented information on its introduction and early population numbers in New Zealand. The general consensus is that the KuneKune were probably brought to New Zealand in the 1800's by whalers operating in New Zealand waters, and were traded with the Maoris. Pigs with similar characteristics occur in Asia, South America, and the Polynesian Islands, but the resemblance is slight and suggestive only of a possible common ancestry.  The history of the breed is one of a close association with the Maori people, and in the early 1900's were usually only found associated with Maori settlements. In early times the KuneKune were prized for their placid nature and their tendency not to roam, as they have always been a domesticated pig.

In the late 1970's the breed was 'rediscovered' and at that time it was estimated that there were only about 50 purebred KuneKunes left in New Zealand. From purebred base stock of only 6 sows and 3 boars in 1978, the KuneKune conservation program was created by wildlife park owners Michael Willis and John Simister.  These two gentlemen single handedly saved the breed from extinction.   Once more herds were established in New Zealand, it became clear that exporting of the breed was important. They were afraid that if disease or other natural disasters struck in New Zealand this would wipe the breed out completely.  In 1992 the first KuneKunes left New Zealand to go to the UK.  Additional stock was sent to the UK in 1993 & 1996. 


All KuneKunes in the United States go back to either direct New Zealand or UK imported stock.  There have been five importations of KuneKune pigs into the USA occurring in 1996, 2005, 2010, and 2012.


The KuneKunes are known for their extremely docile and friendly personality which is unmatched by any other breed of swine.  They are extremely outgoing and love human interaction.  They are a grazing breed of swine and as such prefer to graze on grass.  Their short and upturned snouts make them suitable grazers and less prone to rooting found in other breeds.  KuneKunes are known for having 2 wattles (much like goats) found under their chin.  They have little to no desire to roam and do not test fencing and rarely root down like other types of pigs and rarely meet strangers!  KuneKunes are still rare in the USA, but are gaining popularity very quickly, finding their niche in many different markets.

  TPT Mahia Love 3  (Bajie)

 AKKPS 6947

COI 9.6%

Mahia Love X Sally

Black & Ginger 

Both Wattles!

One of our Boars from our first litter ever!  This stunning boar is  everything we hoped to find! Nice long even topline, short snout, High tail set and well attached wattles!
TPT Ru 4  Jasper Junior (JJ) (Cedric)
AKKPS 9035
COI 12.8%
Ru X Rona
2 Wattles!
 l am so excited to retain this young RU boar from the only litter Jasper ever sired! He is a gorgeous solid ginger!  We cannot wait to see how Cedic matures!
AKKPS 8187
COI 4.7%
BH Tutaki X Sally
2 Wattles!
This guy is as big as his sire George! He has a beautiful head and pretty pricked ears! He was 1 year old in OCT and we look forward to seeing his first babies!
Piney Creek Farm BH Tutaki 4  (George)
AKKPS 2904
BH Tutaki X Trish
COI 5.0%
2 Wattles!
This sweet guy is George! He is a black and white  spotted KuneKune! He is BH Tutaki X Trish, Hopefully we have some babies from Mr George Kune soon!  He is double wattled  and  around 250 lbs
High Hopes Whakanui 1  (Galaxy)
AKKPS: 10635 
COI 3.8% 
Whakanui X Jenny
Tri, High White
Both wattles!
Our New boar from Andi Harper at High Hopes is absolutely amazing so far!! Already checking out the ladies and hopefully we see some Galaxy babies this fall!
Virginia KuneKunes Sally 2 (Rio Olympia AKA Rio)
AKKPS 3351
COI 3.5%
Sally X Ru
2 Wattles!
Another  Stunning Ginger and black sow! Miss Rio had us a litter of 9 babies with a Mahia Love boar recently and we have retained two of her daughters and a son!  Rio is around 200 lbs  and is literally the sweetest thing i've ever seen and the BEST mother!
Piney Creek Farm Trish 22 (Butterbean)
AKKPS 8913
COI 6.9%
Trish X Tonganui
2 Wattles!
This Butter seriously wants the  SWEETEST pig award!! She is a sidekick on whatever i'm doing she is right there  wanting lovings! She gives the BEST hugs even to strangers! (She doesn't know a stranger!) While we selected our gilt, she was leaning against my leg and I said I think she picked US! She joined us in fall 2019 and we are excited to finally have a new sow lineage! She will be with either  my Mahia Love or my Ru in 2020!
SDLRDG Rona 6 (Vanilla)
AKKPS 7403
COI 13.6
Rona X Andrew
2 Wattles
She is a gorgeous Cream!  She is around 200 lbs and currently is almost two years old Really gorgeous thick sow!

  TPT Sally 1 (Jade)

 AKKPS 6940

COI 9.6%

Sally X Mahia Love

Black & Ginger 

Both Wattles!

One of our gilts from our first litter ever!  This beautiful girl is  slowly catching up to her sister Tilda!  Nice long even topline, short snout, High tail set, 14 teats! She has made us proud!

Rocky Creek AR Farm BH Rebecca Gina 3  (Midnight)
AKKPS 10356
COI 7.3%
BH Rebecca Gina X Tonganui
Both Wattles!
We are really excited to see a black Kunekune for the first time! She will be a year old this winter and we hope to have some Spring babies! Thank you Rocky Creek for this new girl! shes amazing!

Let It Be KuneKunes Kereopa 3 (Prairie Fire)
AKKPS 10465
COI 6.1%
Kereopa X Tuahuru 
Ginger and black 
Non Wattled
We are soo excited to have our first Kereopa lined girl! she has a beautiful head and body even though she lacks wattles she is sure to produce lots of wattled babies with one of our big kune boars!  She will be ready this  winter to breed for spring babies! She looks a little weird under the shade tree's but  I just had to get a picture of her right away! Her and Midnight aren't to pleased with the Quarantine pen but all animals new to the farm must be quarantined for the safety of everyone!  It will go by quick! Welcome home Prairie Fire!!