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If the conditions are not met then I will not respond to your email. (Email box below!)  

 I wrote this so I would stop getting random emails saying  “I’m 12 and my mom said I could have a pig” or “I want a pig with no other explanations”   or "I want the smallest pig EVER!"   Lately I feel like i've just sent most emails to the bin, Hopefully this helps.     My piglets are worth it!!  If you are not scared off by this then  hopefully we will become piggy family!  I will not sugar coat having a pig, I will tell you the CONS and the PROS! Pigs are amazing extremely smart animals and unlike any other kind of animal but also challenging!  You are talking to a person that sat out with her momma pigs in labor in the piggy barn or piggy house  while it stormed with hail and lightening and tornados being forecasted JUST to make sure they are warm and safe! (Why do they always pick those days to have babies !?)

I have a date on my available pigs page that tells you when it was updated last! It is fairly up to date. I am Leeanna Melton McKnight on facebook, I have a hello piggies facebook page but it is VERY hard to use for me so it is better to either message me here or on my personal facebook page.  

WE ARE CURRENTLY HAVING PEOPLE PICK UP PIGS on our farm only! If you are out of state you will have to arrange transport or come in person!

If you check out okay then  you will be allowed to place a deposit or pick up your baby if it is ready right away! 

Feel free to copy and paste it into a email with your answers.    I am sorry if any of this comes across as rude or harsh but it’s for the safety of my animals! I DO NOT want any of my animals to end up in bad situations!

If you get a pig from me you also gain a friend! I am here for whatever questions you have  or coach someone new! 

1) I do not take kindly to people that have not read fully through my website, I feel as if any animal is a huge decision and reading about them as much as possible is the only way to be especially if you have never had one, I sponge up information even though I've had them my whole life!  I LOVE to talk pigs any and all pigs! I don’t mind helping people out or coaching people that have never had a piglet before.  But when it comes to getting one of my pigs, the details are mainly on my available piglet's page, I VERY much encourage people to read it even read it a few times over!  Heck, Read THIS several times over.

2)  You must live in the country.  I will not let a piglet go to anyone in town or in a apartment. You must have a fenced yard or pen.  Pigs NEED to have a healthy amount of outside time even if they are house trained and prefer the house, they NEED to have the excersize or they will not be healthy animals.

3) You must be at least 20 years of age or older. (If you are a child please have your parents contact me only and I will have to speak them on the phone)   It is the parents responsibility not a child's responsibility to take care of a animal. I've heard it way to many times. "My kid is busy in school and doesn't have time to care for it anymore"  Getting a pig is a entire family choice and the whole family needs to be on board.   Children should not be held responsible for a animal  that a parent got.   My kids  asked me for a rabbit. (Same concept but with a pig) Obviously I needed two for company,  I picked two rabbits, My breed choosing because these would be MY rabbits ultimately.  I interacted with the breeder I picked, I work, I buy all the supplies, I do all the care if my kids help me that is wonderful they help me nearly every day doing farm stuff they love the animals but if they cannot go out to do it for some reason or another It's on me and my husband. I am all for teaching my kids responsibility but I remember that my kids are kids  and should have  time to be kids while they can be. SO when you email me please be about that YOU want one not JUST your child.

4) YOU must own your own home, if you rent or live in an area with a home owners association or live with your mom or grandma or so and so EVEN if you are an adult, the pig must be kept at YOUR home, Not someone else's house. I will turn you down otherwise.

5)  If you have a newborn baby or have a very busy job, I do not suggest a pig as they are like a child themselves. Pigs are very vocal and talkative. If you have a child with issues with noises or sensitivity issues, I really don’t recommend a pig. Pigs are wonderful pets but not just for anyone however!  I HAVE kids and I raised my boys from babies with pigs and let me tell you it was HARD; I had MANY years of experience behind me.  You get them down for a nap and then the piggy decided your lunch snack would also be a nice snack for them and gets a little vocal and Wala!  Your newborn baby is awake again and MAD. THAT being said, Pigs and kids can be great together if your child is respectful around animals as they should be with any kid of animal! My two kids love  pigs!    Also If you have allergies to most pets but would like a pig because you heard they are hypoallergic.  This works for some people, BUT, Often if you have REALLY bad allergies you can still be allergic to a pig.  There is literally no end to what you can be allergic to! I cannot guarantee that you might not be allergic to a pig since there is no way to know! Try visiting someone that has one and see if there is any sort of a reaction before getting a pig as a pet!

6) Not all dogs will get along with pigs, Pigs and dogs should never be left alone unattended even if they appear to get along good. Just because my dogs don’t hurt my pigs doesn’t mean yours won’t! Even if your dog gets along with OTHER animals doesn’t mean it will like a pig! 

7)   I will never sell a pig just to make a sale.  It is nice just to make feed bill meet but never at the stake of an animal's health.  I am never pressured to let a pig go I don’t feel comfortable letting go. I have turned down people for being pushy and rude. (I am a very busy and a parent!)  MY PIGS ARE NOT THE SMALLEST OF SMALL I do not claim to have the tiniest micro nano pigs on earth!  I raise what I feel comfortable with my pigs sizes, I go by height only  a pig can be 15" tall and be solid mass.  when 15" tall  isn't that big at all.  Also you cannot judge the weight of a pig just by looking. Some of my kunekune piglets are 9" tall and 30 pounds of baby blubber fat at 8 weeks old  they are SHORT and round (haha that is what Kunekune means in Maori language!) If you are getting a pig just to get one as tiny as a chihuahua just don't. they will never be that small it's impossible. That being said, BREED wise American mini's or Miniature Julianas are smaller then pot bellied pigs  and they are defiantly smaller then kunekunes and Kunekunes are defiantly smaller then 600-1000 pound commercial hog breeds. Size does not  bother me!  I have had many many indoor pigs that would house train right with my dogs and go outside with my dogs and romp and then come back inside.

8)  I don’t let breeding animals to anyone that doesn’t have the SAME breeding values that I do and I will check to see if you are properly set up for breeding meaning you have to have proper pens for boar and sow separation and sow farrowing houses and everything for babies.  I see way too many photos of pigs out in the open with just a tarp for cover and mud and no bedding on social media and that is unacceptable!  Breeding pigs is a whole ‘nother  ball game to having a pet. 

9)  I do NOT let people bottle feed, I don’t care if you “bottle fed” your other pig (If it’s alive your just dang lucky) or bottle fed a deer your cousin brought you or a kitten or a goat or a calf.  Goats, Sheep, Cattle they are ruminates. I have bottle fed LOTS of animals and none are like a pig. Pigs get aspirated so easy. BAM, Pneumonia, Dead. They literally have no immune system not like the pig that’s been nursing a sow for 7 weeks.  Put two pigs together, one raised by bottle or pan (Literally not much difference they can aspirate the same) and one mother raised and that one you raised is going to be 2x smaller. YES, it is a sneaky very extremely sad way to growth stunt pigs if they do live so someone can make more money and it is sad and wrong and it causes the pig. If this is what you want then I’m not the breeder for you.  Bottle feeding or pan feeding should NOT be done unless there are absolutely no other options left to try with the mother when it comes to pigs. 

10)  You need to be sure that you have a vet near you that will work with swine and   talk with them a bit and find out just how much they know. Ask them a few trick questions. The bad part about vets is that there are vets that will take your money and not have one clue about how to take care of your pig. Make sure even if your vet says he can work with pigs that he KNOWS about pigs. (Some just flat out tell you they will not work with pigs, only cats and dogs) I have been to every vet around within a 3-hour radius of us just searching for just the right one. I have had a vet ask me if a 3-month-old pig was a mother of a 5-week-old pig. (Not possible!) Ask the new vet for your pig   a few questions related to pigs like How old will my pig be when FULLY done growing (At least 4-5 years old along the lines of a horse skeletal wise) Is anesthesia or gas better for operations when working on pigs? (Gas!)    How long of a gestation period for a pig?    (Even if you are not breeding pigs a vet should know it’s 3 months and 3 weeks and 3 days.)     The hard truth, most of the vets I've been to have not been able to answer the first two. I would never go to a vet that isn’t about the health and KNOWS about the animal they are treating. I’ve been to vet’s that would just slap the bill on you and have no idea what they were doing, I use All Creatures in mountain home Arkansas and yes, it is a drive but they KNOW what they are doing!  It did take me a long while to find the RIGHT vet!     

When it comes to pigs, I’ve spent my entire life working with pigs, My mother had pigs, My grandparents had pigs, My great grandparents had pigs... We are PIG people!  Big ones and little ones.   

 I have seen people pick up raising pigs and really “brag” they have been raising pigs for two whole years, Woohoo!  then they quit by the end of year 2.  This isn’t just a hobby I picked up, these guys are family, I sat and I held a pig in my lap and one of my kids on one arm and one on my chest and another pig on the other arm and rocked and sang them all to sleep.  I have been so filled with happiness and joy and I've been mad and I've been sad and some days I feel like I’d like to move to the city but I have never given up my farming life, I was born into and it is not for the faint of heart no matter what kind of animal it is... I have sat and watched the natural behavior in pigs and I know about the daily, monthly and yearly care of pigs, when it comes to animal care, I usually have the “Do it right or don’t have them attitude” and YES even after all these years of piggin’ There’s still always something new to learn about when it comes to pigs!  

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