Hello Piggy Miniature pigs/The Pig Trail KuneKunes 

Home of Mini & Mini Juliana pigs, Kune Kune pigs &  Also Poultry & more. (Check under "More" Page!)

Welcome to Hello Piggies Miniature Pigs /The Pig Trail KuneKunes!

Here at Hello Piggies Miniature Pigs & TPT KuneKunes we raise  Miniature Juliana's and non registered "Mini's"   and also Registered American KuneKunes.

We are located in Williford Arkansas (Northeast Arkansas)

We also raise many different rarer breeds of Poultry including, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chickens,  German Bielefelder Chickens  and also Bantam Serama chickens in Frizzled and Smooth and silkied feather types and also White, Partridge, Black, Blue and Paint Silkies and Showgirl Bantams and Millie Fleur Old English Games.   We also have India Blue Peafowl, Many rare breed types of turkeys and also Guineas.

We also raise Katahdin  hair sheep as well!

We believe in being the best we can be as breeders! 

We do NOT use the terms teacup, micro or nano or any other  slang terms we believe in using the proper breed names instead of misleading people that baby pigs don't grow up because they DO and they are a lifetime commitment. Miniature pigs will never be the size of a Chihuahua.

They can live up to 20+ years and are averagely about the size of a medium dog. However they do make great indoor pets and are very clean indoors and are easily house trained to go to a litter box or outdoors they do need a appropriate amount of outdoors time daily to stay in good health and weight by excersize and being able to root and naturally be a pig is important and making sure our babies have a good homes with a yard is important to us.

We won't place a baby to apartment homes or in a home that is being rented as a landlord may not feel the same way about a pet piggy being a indoor house pet in a rented home.  You must own your own home and land!

Our babies will won't be sold as bottle babies, we believe that staying with the mother sow is important to learn stuff behavior wise and for the sake of the health of the piglets.  All of our babies will be at least 7-8 weeks of age before leaving and will be wormed and teeth trimmed and have vaccines and baby boys will be neutered and  any miniature pig  girls will be sold with a non breeding/spay contract.

Kunekune piglets will be evaluated  and if not deemed breeding quality will either be neutered or not sold.  We only offer the BEST!

Our adults are not just babies themselves and we do not lie about ages and can provide  proof of ages and new pictures AND videos of all of our parent pigs  at any time and we do encourage people to come see them in person most of all! 

I am on Facebook  and available by email I usually check my email and facebook  often unless it's the Holidays or I am asleep.  I always enjoy talking piggies or other animals and  I don't mind helping people learn about them or just having a nice chat!  I  have lots of educational  pictures and more!

We are proud members of the Juliana pig Registry and association - www.julianapig.com

Also proud members of the American KuneKune Pig Society - http://www.akkps.com/